Danielle Eubank

artist statement

Isle of Mull by Danielle Eubank, Oil on linen, 28x44 inches.
Isle of Mull by Danielle Eubank, Oil on linen, 28x44 inches.

My work bestrides the line between abstraction and representation. I am looking for the tipping point between the conceptual and visible. I consider the forms created by ripples in a pond or the lines of receding waves a foundation for deconstruction. I create patterns within patterns, representing vertical stacks of rhythms in the physical matter I paint.

Through the theme of water, I explore natural forms and the consequences of the human footprint on landscapes all over the world. Destruction surrounds many sites where I paint water. My work features cigarette butts, oil slicks, and drinks cans. Looking for formal value is my way of coping with the destruction.

My work highlights questions of proximity that brings the subject right up to the surface of the canvas, almost into the viewer's space. By layering the paint with broad brushstrokes, I invite the viewer to appreciate the physical, painterly qualities that form the depth of that experience.

Danielle Eubank makes every effort to create her artwork in an environmentally responsible manner. She uses the highest quality materials. This includes low VOC or no VOC paints, thinners, and mediums, and FSC certified wood for stretchers. She recycles whenever possible.